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presidential-actionsWhat’s Going On? A Guide to Presidential Actions 

What do you know about Executive Actions within the American federal system? Controversy regarding Executive Orders is not new and has been prevalent as U.S. presidents on both sides of the political spectrum have seemingly bypassed congress in order to implement policy. Since January 20, protests against President Trump’s Executive Orders have sprouted across the United States.

So what is an Executive Action? What is the difference between an Executive Order and an Executive Memorandum? What is an Executive Proclamation? Does the Constitution allow these actions?

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Why do We Need the Electoral College?
Perhaps the most politically driving force for the group of elite figures, was the fact that the U.S. was constructed of a diverse population of immigrants, originally pertaining to countries of differing political, social, and economic context…
America’s Refugee Crisis is not a Crisis
In Europe, people often arrive by boat or by foot in such large numbers that local NGOs and even Government run organizations have a hard time keeping up. These people arrive with absolutely nothing.

Review of the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, Morocco (COP 22)
Read an analysis of questions such as: what is the Paris Agreement? what was discussed in Marrakech? and what are future plans

Why does this election hurt?
You may be in favor of his policy on free trade, his proposal to place term limits on members of congress, his proposed crack-down on lobbying, or any other policy he currently has listed within his proposed Contract with the American Voter. However…
Equality is not “I can be you if I want to be you”
The sexism displayed by modern society’s portrayal of women is truly offensive. It is placing even more pressure on young girls to act a certain way that we have, previously, condemned.
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Pop Culture Piece – How many photos does it take to live a moment?
Sometimes, I feel like certain consumerist behaviors have become so much a part of our lives, that they have truly diminished our quality of life, and true happiness. What bothers me in particular is our constant need to follow the lives of others; to live through our photos pretending that we are happy when we aren’t, just so that other people will want to live our life.